UPDATE: At the moment due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, this Service in on HOLD. Still feel free to inquire however if interested. I will still keep in touch.


Hello, My name is Mark Cavazos and I'm a Intuitive Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator. I have my own Setup and Equipment. I only do commissions in my local area. I am located in Texas.

If interested in information or a Consultation to file yourself a Case. Feel free to inquire.

Title the Subject: "Case Report", when you file your inquire, please be as detailed as possible. State your name. Location. What your case is involving. Be specific and elaborate on your report, what you need in all direct help, assistance with and/or issue(s) to be resolved? Ask me everything you need  me to understand and what you'd like myself to answer for you in the starting process. State all your most crucial concerns to what types of outreaches and capabilities of my Services I can do for you along with all my guidance's. In response, I will email you back with more insight based on your case as to what I can offer and what I am able to do with my Abilities. Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask me please. At the end make sure to "leave your contact information" so I may get back to you. At the email below.


--FAQ About Me--

Who are you: I'm an Intuitive Psychic Medium and a Paranormal Investigator offering services, solely to help individuals that are in need of distress. Cases that range from terrifying continuous unknown phenomenons, darkness, loss and closure, to the even more heavily evil severity of question. All these travesties that surround these certain people that can no longer cling towards support or look for anyone to further help them... To these in particulars, I will offer my Services to.

Ask yourself- Do you now suffer such deep affected manifestations of the Supernatural Paranormal forces around your Lifestyle? Is there "something" or "someone" you sense you cannot explain that is terrorizing you, now interfering with your daily life/lives, an affected loved one, or your Home? Are you no longer able to function in Social Routines, seems things are falling farther into a hole by the skin your teeth? Do you need Clarity? Protection and Guidance? If so? Trust me, I know this position. There is hope.

Are you a Satanist or Wiccan? NO. I am Not a Satanist. I am Not a Witch. I am a Man of God. I speak to Angels and get Guidance through my Spirit Guides. I follow a righteous path that God gave me. For I'm still here. With the Abilities I have, I've come to terms in debate. But finally realized I should use them to help others as a calling.

Do you practice Witchcraft or anytime of type of voodoo or Black Magics in your Services? Absolutely NOT! No. In the past, I've actually gotten requests from people inquires regarding to do esoteric darkened Arcane spells for them for commission. I denied them, to the point where I did not even bother responding back. Please... DO NOT inquire me for your self personal malignant interests to mess with the dark arts or do readings to intentionally spy on individuals. Harm anyone in anyway or invade their privacy. I will NOT do it and if you ask me to, I will automatically decline your Inquire. I do this to help people, never hurt anyone.

How does your Mediumship work? Do you use a Ouija Board? NO. Never! That's messing with fire! I detest Ouija Boards in fact. Some Mediums do use Tools of Trade; this, this is a True fact however. For instances: Scrabble Tiles, Intuitive Drawings or writings on paper, Dice, Tarot cards. Me However. The way I work I don't need any tools whatsoever. I can simply and naturally make contact, without objects. It just flows to me naturally. It just is.

Are you truly legit? Try me.

How did you get this ability? I never asked for it. I never wanted it. I gradually developed it. GOD works in mysterious ways.

Update: At the moment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this service is on HOLD. Still feel free to inquire however if interested. I will still keep in